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Gait, An History of Assam

lundi 28 mars 2011, par P. Ramirez

Gait, E. A History of Assam, 1906. (on

Table of Contents


I. Prehistoric and Traditional Rulers

II. From the 7th to the 12th Centuries

III. Events of 18th to 15th Centuries

IV. The Koch Kings

V. Rise of the Ahom Kingdom

VI. Period of Muhammadan War

VII. The Climacteric of Ahom rule VIII. The Decay an Fall of the Ahom Kingdom

IX. The Ahom System of Government

X. The Kachāris

XI. The Jaintia Kings

XII. Manipur

XIII. Sylhet

XIV. The Burmese War

XV. Consolidation of British Rule

XVI. Summary of our Relations with the Hill Tribes

XVII. Important Events of Recent Times

XVIII. History of the Tea Industry


- Dates of some Qssam dynasties

- Ahom system of Chronology

- Translation of a pre-Ahom copper-plate

- description of Ahom puthis

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