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Northeasterners in the World Wars

mardi 10 mai 2011, par P. Ramirez

A total of 74,123 persons recruited by the Indian Corps fell during World War I and 91,464 during World War II. While doing field work, I came across villagers who told me that their uncles had fought in both World Wars, so I took an interest in the topic and started browsing through the lists provided by the Commonwealth War Grave Commission. The CWGC offers a powerful search engine on all Commonwealth casualties. However, it is not adapted to my needs because it does not allow me to do any sorting. I therefore applied to the Commission for the list of Indian casualties in a separate file which they readily provided me with. I thought it might be useful for the people of North-East India if we published the full list of casualties on this website. I asked CWGC for permission to do so, which they again readily agreed to. I would particularly like to thank Maureen Annetts for her promptness and kindness.

Our Brahmaputra studies team wishes to pay homage to these men many of whom fell less than a hundred kilometres from our Paris office.

The files are in the Excel 2007 format. I could not use an older format due to the length of the lists. Most Northeastener recruits in WWI were enlisted in the Indian Labour Corps. In WWII they were mainly in the Assam Civil Porter Corps, Assam Regiment, Khasia Porter Corps, Garo Porter Corps, Bengal Civil Pioneer Force, Assam Rifles, Indian Civil Labour Corps, and Indian Civil Porter Corps, Indian Army Ordnance Corps and Indian Army Medical Corps. These are only the lists of the names inscribed on graves or monuments. Indeed, the actual number of casualties may be even higher.

WW1 Casualties, Indian Forces (7Mo)

WW2 Casualties, Indian Forces (10Mo)

Indian muleteers and mule wearing gasmasks, 21 February 1940

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