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Karbi Matrimonial Corpus

Clan to clan marriages in 2008 Assam electoral rolls

samedi 17 février 2018, par P. Ramirez

Indian electoral lists provide the name and details (village, house, age) of each voter including his/her kinship link with the household head. For a married woman the link stated is that to her husband. Among the Karbi, a tribe of North East India, patronyms refer to patriclans, around twenty five in total. Patriclans are grouped into five exogamic phratries (Teron, Terang, Ingti, Inghi, Timung). Thus, voters lists (if one neglect possible inaccuracies) reflect in full scale the present set of matrimonial relations among descent groups. This allows different kind of analysis on the orientation of marriages, among others asymmetry, which Karbi both state as a rule and most generally apply, but also the generalized exchange among phratries, which is stated as an ideal rule but very seldom found. Here is the extensive list of the 62850 married women with a Karbi patronym featuring in the 2008 voters lists of Karbi Anglong district of Assam (North East India) with the patronym and phratry of their husband. Extraction, conversion to Roman script, conversion to tabulated format and attribution of clans to phratries have been done by Philippe Ramirez with the assistance of Morningkeey Phangcho at the initial stage with a contribution of ANR "Languages, Cultures and Territories in Northeast India" (2007-2011). Original data in Assamese script pdf was converted to plain text before being dusted and arranged in csv. Transliteration and normalization of patronyms was done under Microsoft Excel using macros. results are presented here in Excel format.

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