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Electoral Rolls

jeudi 12 juin 2008, par P. Ramirez

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Electoral rolls for most Indian States have been made avalaible online, on the site of the Electoral Officer for each State since 2005. The language used is generally the official language of the State or district and the data is available in .pdf format :

- Arunachal Pradesh (English)
- Assam (Assamese except North Cachar in English)
- Manipur (Bengali/English)
- Meghalaya (English)
- Mizoram (English)
- Nagaland (English, partiel)
- Tripura (Bengali)

The use of Electoral Rolls in Human Sciences

As a rule, electoral rolls include the names of all citizens entitled to vote. They are not drawn up by voluntary registration of individuals but by using censuses of all households. Thus, in principle they provide a real-life picture of the adult population. They include some data that are lacking in the decennal population census (which when broken down by locality is not easy to access), particularly people’s names and kinship relations. For a detailed description of an Assamese electoral roll, please click here.

In communities with specific family names, electoral rolls enable detailed mapping, e.g. of a caste, tribe, and when the case arises, even clans. Example : the distribution of the name "Maslai/Matlai" across Assam/Meghalaya border.


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