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Mapping the Historical Sites in Northeast India

Thursday 16 October 2008, by P. Ramirez

This map is part of a collaborative project to map the historical and religious sites of Northeast India. Considering the size of the region, it was unthinkable for Brahmaputra team to do it by itself. Thus, all interested people are invited to contribute by suggesting additions, correcting and documenting existing placemarks. Orange icons figure archaeologic sites or ancient sites with no regular worship activity. Permanent shrines are shown in green. White squares are for ancient defense devices (forts, walls...) White triangles point to the approximate location of historical sites where no artefact has been documented. White arrows point to shapes that we could not identify and to which visitors may contribute. Some of them may well correspond to modern buildings or activities, but their identification will through deduction help to find older ones. Sending new placemarks through Google Earth or Google Maps is recommended. But if you don’t have access to these facilities, we welcome your contributions as well. Please use the following address:

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