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Travellers and invaders

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J.B. Tavernier by Largillère left : Mir Jumla, Subahdar of Bengal, painted by Shiv Das (c. 1625).

right : French traveller and trader J.B. Tavernier, painted by Largillère (c. 1700).

  • Through Judy’s eyes : a world wide guild missionary in Assam

    27 mai 2016, par P. Ramirez
  • Views from the East

    23 février 2011, par P. Ramirez
    Southeast Asia in the Ming Shi-lu Burma-Yunnan-Bay of Bengal
  • Who were the Garos ?

    23 février 2011, par P. Ramirez
    Francis Hamilton, An Account of Assam (written 1808-1814) Baraduyar : "The Raja is a Garo, who lives at Bhogpur two days S.W. from Gohati. It is close to the mountains inhabited by the independent Garos ; but these consider the Baraduyar Raja as their chief. It is for his low lands that he pays tribute to Assam. In his territory is a market place name Kukuriya, to which the independent Garos bring salt that they purchase at Rajhat in Jaintiya, and at Laur (Laour R.) in the district of (...)
  • Wilson A., Sport and Service in Assam and Elsewhere. 1924

    21 mai, par P. Ramirez

    WILSON, Alban, and James Alban Wilson. 1924. Sport and Service in Assam and Elsewhere ... With 20 Illustrations. London : Hutchinson & Co.

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