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Colonial accounts

Dernier ajout : 11 octobre.

  • Oldham, Geological Structure of Khasis Hills 1856

    25 février 2011, par P. Ramirez
    Oldham, Thomas. 1856. “The Geological Structure of part of the Khasis Hills with Obsevations on the Meteorology and Ethnology of that District.” The Calcutta Review 2:55-93. Rev. W. Pryse. 1856. “An Introduction to the Khasia Language ; commprising a Grammar, Selections for Reading and a Vocabulary..” The Calcutta Review 2:55-93.
  • Parry, The Lakhers, 1932

    24 mai 2019, par P. Ramirez

    Parry, Nevill Edward. 1932. The Lakhers ... With an Introduction and Supplementary Notes by Dr. J.H. Hutton, Etc. [With Plates, Genealogical Tables, and a Map. Edited by John Henry Hutton. Pp. xx. 640. Macmillan & Co. : London.

  • Report on the Province of Assam (1854)

    13 mai 2020, par P. Ramirez
    Courtesy of Berlin State Library : http://resolver.staatsbibliothek-be...
  • Reynolds, Dusannee and Cheannee Garrows, 1849

    21 mars 2013, par P. Ramirez

    Reynolds, H.D. 1849. “A Narrative of Our Connexions with the Dusannee and Cheannee Garrows, with a Short Account on Their Country.” Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal 18(1):45–61. Retrieved July 19, 2012.

  • Robinson, A Descriptive Account of Asam

    8 septembre 2017, par P. Ramirez
    Robinson, William. 1841. A Descriptive Account of Asam : With a Sketch of the Local Geography and a Concise History of the Tea-Plant of Asam, to Which Is Added a Short Account of the Neighbouring Tribes, Exhibiting Their History, Manners, and Customs. Calcutta : Ostell and Lepage, British Library.
  • Ruhemann "The Relationship Terms of some Hill Tribes of Burma and Assam", 1948

    17 novembre 2012, par P. Ramirez
    Ruhemann, B. “The Relationship Terms of Some Hill Tribes of Burma and Assam.” Southwestern Journal of Anthropology (1948) : 155–198.
  • S.K. Bhuyan, Anglo-Assamese relations, 1771-1826

    31 mai 2017, par P. Ramirez

    Anglo-Assamese relations, 1771-1826 : a history of the relations of Assam with the East India Company from 1771 to 1826, based on original English and Assamese sources

  • S.R. Ward A Glimpse of Assam 1884

    23 septembre 2012, par P. Ramirez
  • Schlagintweit, Reisen in Indien

    25 février 2011, par P. Ramirez
    Schlagintweit-Sakünlunski, Hermann Rudolph Alfred von, Reisen in Indien und Hochasien. Eine darstellung der landschaft, der cultur und sitten der bewohner, in verbindung mit klimatischen und geologischen verhältnissen : 1826-1882. from vol 1 : from Bhutan to Kashmir.
  • Shakespear, History of Upper Assam...

    9 juillet 2012, par P. Ramirez
    Shakespear, Leslie Waterfield. History of Upper Assam, Upper Burmah and northeastern frontier. London : Macmillan, 1914.

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