Brahmaputra   studies


Emilie Arrago

Doctorante en Anthropologie à l'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales

She is currently working on the Cult of a Tantric Goddess, that is, on magic and possession practices, and doing her Ph.D under the guidance of Francis Zimmermann in the School of Advanced Social Science in Paris. Her research work is financed at present by the CNRS for 18 months. It is during the first field in 2002 that she became interested in the Goddess Kamakhya whose temple is in Guwahati. It has been followed up by long periods of fieldwork in the succeeding years. Her work is focusing on four areas, namely: (1) Representations of Speech and Human Body, (2) Historical Anthropology , (3) Vernacular Literature , and (4) the Assamese Language.


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