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François Jacquesson

François Jacquesson is a linguist, researcher in French CNRS .
He belongs to a laboratory called LACITO (Langues et Civilisations de Tradition Orale)
You can access his web page on the LACITO website.

He has been working in North East India since 1994,  about different languages, ethnography and history.
He published mostly about a special group of Tibeto-Burmese languages, called the "Boro-Garo" languages. (see map below)

The main bulk in the west has speakers og Koch, Rabha, Garo and Boro languages.
The finger-like extension to the east, up the Brahmaputra, has speakers of Deuri ; the people are called Deuri as well. Jacquesson published the first complete description of the Deuri language : Le Deuri, langue tibéto-birmane d'Assam, Paris-Leeuwen, Peeters, XXVIII-422 p.
The hoof-like extension to the south, in the state of Tripura, has speakers of Kokborok ; the people are called Borok. By F. Jacquesson, you can find Kokborok, a short analysis -- In : Kokborok Tei Hukumu mission 10th aniversary volume (pre-print) -- Tripura : Agartala, 2003.
The leg-like part joining the hoof to  the Brahmaputra valley has speakers of Tiwa in the north and Dimasa in the south. F. Jacquesson has also been working about Dimasa.

Moreover, F. Jacquesson has been also studying the history of North-East India, especially in a detailled paper published in the 1999 issue (n° 287/1) of the Journal Asiatique : "Abrégé de l'Histoire de l'Assam jusqu'à l'installation anglaise", 191-283.
A full list of his publications can be found here.

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