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Joelle Smadja

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Joëlle Smadja is a geographer and researcher at the CNRS in France. She is head of the laboratory UPR 299: "Milieux, Sociétés et Cultures en Himalaya" (Environments, Societies and Cultures in the Himalayas). Her web page and the list of her publications can be accessed via her laboratory web site.

After conducting research in Nepal for many years (in geomorphology as well as on land use, resource management, the population's perception and representation of the environment, the consequences of environment protection policies for farmers and herders, territorial restructurings, etc.), since 2006 she has been carrying out similar research in North-East India . This research covers both the Himalayan part in Arunachal Pradesh and the Brahmaputra plain in Assam. Joëlle Smadja coordinates the geographical part of the Brahmaputra programme and is mainly interested in the mobility of the land and population in the small town of Bokakhat (Assam) .


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