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Tribal participation to the Goddess Cult

For many ethnic groups, their relationships to the institution and tradition of Hindu religion are constructed on reciprocal influence. While some place themselves inside the institution by worshiping a particular Goddess, others have configured their religious practices within the magical rituals and the occasional festivals of Kamakhya. How do the affiliation of these groups with the Great Tradition? And what forms of practices – sacrifice, songs and trance – are associated with these marginal groups?

1. Sacrifice and Goddess Cult

1.1 The buffalo meat during Durga puja in Kamakhya: a feast for the Boro-Kachari

2.2 The historical case of the Jayantiyas: Matrilinearity and Women’s Rite.

2. Trance and Snake Goddess among the Pati Rabha.

3. Secret ritual at night among the Mising.


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